Ambrose is also shown to have learned Pig Latin and the Dratch constructed language of Beyond Earth. For one thing, Padron is insisting on taking his new bride to a marriage therapy clinic that very weekend for their honeymoon. Here he gets to the heart of Waters' live band for over 20 years; A Summer's Day movie of the between prog, synth-pop and post- the Floyd's debut single, from a crisp and as a solo artist who could call 1958 Newport Jazz Festival, as punk that reveals Moore as a neglected 2013 demo session. Although Mitch is said to have died in the Kosovo War, in reality, the United States did not have any fatalities at all, either as the result of military combat or accidents. By way of agreement, Dalton bludgeons Raymond to death when he turns his back, telling his corpse that he actually agrees with the belief that the lure of gold can turn someone's partner and friend into a murderer. So he can search it, he has Natalie lure Linda away from her house on the pretense of looking at an apartment, while he searches it. He successfully frees the others, thanks Monk, and leads Padron away to prison. In addition to his services to the Navy, the episode shows that what Natalie admires and remembers most about Mitch was his selflessness and strength of character. This makes Marci a primary suspect, and she is finally cornered by Stottlemeyer and Disher at the Crime Lab S.F. While investigating the "abduction" of actress Sally Larkin, Harold shows up at the crime scene and tells Monk about his new therapist, that he is over their feud, and also gives him Dr. Climan's business card. Ambrose blames himself for Trudy's death. This is mentioned in the season 4 episode "Mr. Monk Goes to a Wedding". He has a biting and sarcastic personality, often insulting his employees and the police without fear of repercussion. Natalie Teeger: Didn't you see his badge? Towards the end of the episode when Stephanie fires the pistol in the air the slide stays open but Leeland has the magazine in the tuxedo bag. In this episode, she has started a website about Monk, and we see her digitally replacing Natalie's head with her own. Linda and Stottlemeyer continue to see one another, but their dates are often interrupted, postponed, or canceled as a result of Stottlemeyer's duties. It is later revealed that the reason he was drawn to her is that she received a cornea transplant from an organ donor, who turned out to be Trudy. Stottlemeyer's temper has betrayed him before. When she shows up at Monk's apartment the next day, Natalie is able to shoo Marci out. Recap /. As a result, he deludes himself that everyone is out to get him, either because of his importance in the scheme of things or because he inspires outrageous jealousy in everyone else. In Mr. Monk Goes to the Firehouse, when a firehouse dog named Sparky is murdered, Julie hires Monk to investigate pro bono. They were married for twenty years. As revealed in the season five episode "Mr. Monk Gets a New Shrink", Charles has taken three paternity tests at the "request" of his son. She then begs Monk to take the case, which he eventually does, though reluctantly. The advertising on her cast is a clue Monk utilizes to prove that mystery writer Ian Ludlow killed a local shoe salesman and tried to frame Natalie for it. Coincidentally, Nash is earlier questioned by Monk and Stottlemeyer when they got the call that Trudy had been killed. Dale was unable to win the lawsuit, but the Monks were forced to sell their house paying for their lawyer. They ultimately find that Karen is not seeing someone, as first suspected, but is meeting with a divorce lawyer. In "Mr. Monk and the Class Reunion", it is implied that he has lived in the Bay Area since at least the 1970s, as when he is trying to get information from reunion guests about a homicide investigation, he is booed off the stage when the projectionist displays some embarrassing pictures of him wearing riot gear and attacking protesters at an anti-nuclear warfare demonstration at UC Berkeley. Unlike Karen, Linda unashamedly presents herself to Stottlemeyer, Monk and Natalie as a very confident and calculating woman who will not be intimidated by anyone. When Stottlemeyer is later suspended on suspicion of helping Dale escape (due to offshore money being wired into his account within hours of his escape), Julie grows a dislike of SFPD deputy chief Harlan Fellows, the one ordering Stottlemeyer's suspension. In the end, after Monk captures Dale, Julie discovers that Fellows never had a criminology degree at all, and his whole career is based on a lie. Trudy's murder was Adrian's only unsolved case, and was the overarching mystery of the series. When Jack finally shows up in person, he is working for the Midland, Texas-based Tiger Bay Trucking Company and had been stopped in San Francisco for running a red light. The novel Mr. Monk in Outer Space reveals that Jack stopped to visit Ambrose after coming back to San Francisco. Contents This is a wild story that begins with an obnoxious cameraman assigned to photograph a wedding threatening someone on the phone. The intense guilt contributed to and intensified his nervous breakdown, his obsessive-compulsive manifestations, and his bizarre phobias. She attended the Ashton Preparatory School and graduated valedictorian in 1977, at the age of 15. Stottlemeyer is also skeptical of Monk's ability to perform as a police officer, aware that Monk's psychological problems are a very serious handicap; in "Mr. Monk Goes to the Carnival", he reveals his misgivings about allowing Monk back into the police department to the panel evaluating Monk's request. In "Mr. Monk and the Captain's Wife", Monk is forced to take Jared and his brother to lunch because Karen is hospitalized after a tow truck driver is shot and killed by a sniper, causing the truck to veer into Karen's oncoming van, and because Leland is working the homicide case. What he wrote was unimportant - he just had to use up the ink. As a result, later in the story, upon learning that Monk's consultancy contract has been ripped up, Sharona takes her anger out on Stottlemeyer, accusing him of using the latest round of budget cuts as an excuse to cut Monk (and her) loose as a result of Braddock attacking his abilities. A few episodes later, in "Mr. Monk Gets Cabin Fever", he dates a woman named Hayley, only for her to turn out to be part of a Triad hit crew sent to eliminate Monk. Eventually, Adrian finds that Jack was framed by Daniel Reese, a guard at the prison who was Lindsey's boyfriend and the real killer, and his feelings about Jack start to change. Lovely ladies, Kasey Warner and Tara Ashley are making love in a massage room, all day lengthy One of the funniest of all Monk episodes. Trying to impress her, Sharona tells her that she is Monk's partner, not his assistant/nurse. In the season five episode "Mr. Monk Gets a New Shrink", Harold again plays a very prominent role, as he is with Monk and Dr. Kroger when they find the body of Dr. Kroger's cleaning lady Teresa Mueller in Dr. Kroger's office. He retires out of guilt as the police believe that one of his patients is responsible. I made no doubt but they would do so when they found it to their advantage. Sheriff Mathis arrives, slaps the cuffs on Padron, and frees Maria. Monk realizes that Joshua Skinner left out a telltale comma: "Where is the gold? infrared zoom lens city and guilds functional skills maths level 2 past papers and answers telomere reverse aging. Rickover finds out about this when Stottlemeyer comes over to his house to sign a warrant to search Kazarinski's premises. Then Monk shows himself off as a "tough guy" by shoving Harold away, who then apologizes. Dalton and Raymond agree that it is a hell of a story, and Raymond mocks at how the lure of gold can turn someone's partner and friend into a cold-blooded killer. Mr. Monk and the Dog is the eleventh episode of the eighth season of Monk. Troy calls his parents by their first names and it turns out that Randy has arrested him at least once before (as Randy asks Troy if he's staying out of trouble, to which Troy says "No"). He tells them that he has a problem:his mother, Maria, has just gotten married, to none other than Dalton Padron. To an assembled crowd, including a handcuffed Dalton, Monk explains what happened: Skinner didn'ttrust the banks, so he hid his illegitimate fortune in plain sight. Monk tells Sharona that the only people who move to Ecuador are those who don't plan to come back, owing to the difficulties in extraditing fugitives back to the United States. He appears in the 2006 Christmas special of season five, "Mr. Monk Meets His Dad." In the season 6 episode "Mr. Monk and the Bad Girlfriend", when Natalie tells Randy that she and Monk have news, he guesses that she wants to say she is in love with him, leaving Natalie in a dumbstruck and annoyed state. Trevor admits to her that his reason for wanting to get back together with her was because his rich uncle had cut him off when he got divorced, and he wanted to get back together so that he would have access to his fortune. The picture turns out to be doctored, leading to Teddy Mulligan, the seller, knocking Monk unconscious and sending him to a town in Wyoming, in turn causing Monk to uncover the murder of a waitress while forgetting his own name. When Monk and Natalie try approaching Randy for an idea, Randy is skeptical because there is no reasonable way for Linda to go 32.2 miles from her house to the crime scene in 20 minutes at that time of day. Monk finds many clues that suggest that Otto was framed, and so Monk, Natalie, and Marci go to several lumber yards in the area. They meet the institute's no-nonsense director, Dr. Julie Waterford, and then meet the two other couples who are there: Dalton and Maria Padron, and thirtysomethings Jeff and Rachel Sweeney. Adrian confronts Jack in front of Natalie, just as Jack is conning her into signing a check for an orphanage in Quebec. Stella had staged the truck crash, as Monk suspected, then infiltrated the hospital, but she did not take Dale out of the hospital. Lee Goldberg's novel Mr. Monk and the Two Assistants has Sharona returning to San Francisco after Trevor is arrested for allegedly murdering a UCLA professor. He finds an old letter in a concealed compartment, and, after reading it, excitedly shares its contents with Dalton. In the season eight episode "Mr. Monk and Sharona", Sharona mentions that Benjy is making plans to attend college, and he plans on using money from her lawsuit against a country club for the death of her uncle, Howard Fleming. In "Mr. Monk and the End, Part One", Julie moves away from home to enter the University of California at Berkeley to study Theatre Arts. He first appears in the novel Mr. Monk Goes to the Firehouse when Monk and Natalie are hired by Julie to investigate the death of Joe's pet Dalmatian, a dog named Sparky, killed while Joe and his crew are away responding to a fatal house fire. The novel Mr. Monk and the New Lieutenant reveals that Stottlemeyer's father was a bartender named Hamish. It's also beyond belief. At a luxury resort hotel in Pebble Beach, photographer Frank Ruttle is taking shots of a wedding party. In Mr. Monk and the Blue Flu, Julie's attention to brands and fashion designs gives Monk a crucial clue to the Golden Gate Strangler's profile. Afterwards, Devlin poses as Corinne as part of the second sting, which is to draw Ramirez out of hiding. Ellen Morse: Monk's new girlfriend. He explains that Randy is able to solve so many cases because he is a "people person" who gets people to say things they would not have said otherwise. In reality, Harold was dropped into the role by his cousin Joey who was trying to kill him over an inheritance from their dying uncle. Monk must find evidence to put away a grisly murderer and regain his detective's license from the grouchy new police commissioner. After a vicious truck stop attack, Monk awakens with amnesia in a desert hamlet, married to a domineering loon, and suspicious of the circumstances surrounding the hasty departure of a waitr After a vicious truck stop attack, Monk awakens with amnesia in a desert hamlet, married to a domineering loon, and suspicious of the circumstances surrounding the hasty departure of a waitress. Leland states that they have known each other since their childhood in "Mr. Monk and the Captain's Wife". Randy has reasons to be suspicious: Dalton is thirty years younger than she is, and they met less than two weeks ago. However, when Molly reminds Monk that there are other people out there who are going through the same things that he has gone through and that they need his help, he decides to resume his career as a detective. He's a stripper. Tony Shalhoub portrayed Adrian Monk, the title character, an OCD homicide detective from San Francisco, who was removed from the force . During lunchbreak, Danny and the senior chemistry teacher, Mr. Erp (whose nickname I need hardly spell out), would always meet in the chemistry prep room for a game of chess. After the show, Torini strangles and kills Kevin in his dressing room with a piece of piano wire, then leaves the building disguised as a repairman. We add new porn videos hourly. They find himsitting in Stottlemeyer'soffice, drinking heavily (something that is made very clear that it was an exceptionally unusual action for him to do) and a nervous wreck. urban dictionary pop To make sure this happened, he had set up arrangements so that the doctor who did his surgery was sent away to Hawaii right after the operation, and a new doctor who had never met Dale, McCabe, or Cannon, would oversee his recovery. Later, when Monk and Dr. Kroger are being held hostage in the back of Francis Merrigan's truck, Harold, who has followed the truck, is the one who alerts the police to their whereabouts. However, Leland's efforts to find Jared are sidetracked when roadie Greg "Stork" Murray turns up dead in a port-a-potty, discovered by Monk and Natalie. Monk and Natalie investigate the murder with help from Stork's girlfriend Kendra Frank (Tamara Feldman), eventually coming to the conclusion that Trafalgar's lead singer Kris Kedder (Brad Hunt) is the killer after Jared identifies a guitar string found at the crime scene as coming from a 12-string guitar, of which Kedder is the only person on the property to own one. Sharona has a bold plan: she and Adrian go to the Waterford Institute, posing as another couple with problems. Pn Monk a ervenovlas cudzinec. Except for two changes, the principal cast of the series remained consistent. Marci firmly lays various 'ground rules' of what the man can and cannot say to Monk before permitting the man to talk to him. Monk discovers (in "Mr. Monk and the End Part 1") that Trudy had left him a videotape, containing a message stating that she wanted him to watch in case harm were to befall her. Over Benjy's tenure, Monk bonds with him but has his problems in relating since he never did most of the things that kids do while growing up. At one point in "Mr. Monk and His Biggest Fan", she stated, "I'm not crazy, just a fan". His original name for the pilot was Randy Deacon, as part of the creators' homage to Sherlock Holmes' Lestrade (LEland STottlemeyer and RAndy DEacon). Over the first half of the story, Julie's behavior assisting Monk is different from Natalie's when it comes to helping him focus. He died in 1998 in the Kosovo War. Dalton takes advantage of their distraction to seize Mathis's gun. In the season five episode "Mr. Monk and the Class Reunion", a younger Trudy is portrayed in a flashback by Lindy Newton. Linda is arrested, and Stottlemeyer is left asking himself if the relationship was real or merely something that she had planned from the beginning so she could have a perfect alibi for the murder. We need to remember that Leland is a Captain and knows the score. Login to leave a comment on this episode. It says "Officer Feelgood.". She is very beautiful . Seeing Harold so happy, Monk cannot concentrate on the case, so he decides to ignore the risks, goes to Dr. Climan and comes out acting like a six-year-old. In "Mr. Monk Goes to a Wedding", Coolidge attempts to run Randy down in the parking lot of a hotel to prevent him from identifying her. In the novel Mr. Monk Goes to Hawaii, Natalie reveals that Mitch died two days before his 27th birthday, which would place his birth date in 1971. Observing the rescue efforts from afar, Monk belatedly realizes Dale arranged it and has made his move. At times, Stottlemeyer prefers to discuss an ongoing case with Monk instead of Disher, such as when the lieutenant complains vociferously about a toothache in "Mr. Monk Goes to the Dentist." Monk finds a form for a rental truck on a table in the front hallway, and a barrel cleaner and bottle of gun oil stashed in Linda's closet, but Linda comes home while he is searching, having been tipped off, and she attempts to seduce Monk. In "Mr. Monk's 100th Case", he appears in a documentary about Adrian and says his brother held the family together after Jack Monk left them. What's disappointing is if the alleged sexual harassment is true. Later, in "Mr. Monk Gets Lotto Fever", when Monk confides how he loathes Natalie for getting more attention than him, Dr. Bell is forced to admit to being a diva after writing an unsuccessful book on body language. Monk explains that he discovered how Linda forged her alibi when he remembered that during their video call just before the shooting, she put a pen down on the table next to her chair and it rolled away, but when he was in her real bedroom searching her house, he tried the same thing with his own pen, but it did not roll, leading him to conclude that Linda parked the truck on a hill. He confronts Marci about the matter, stating that she is protecting Brad because she knows he killed his ex-wife. Biederbeck smugly refuses to confirm or deny Monk's suspicions, but later Monk proves that the doctor is not Trudy's killer. When Randy's mother marries a guy much younger than she, he gets worried. Find movie and film cast and crew information for Monk : Mr. Monk Gets Fired (2004) - Andre Belgrader, Randall Zisk, Randy Zisk, Jerry Levine, . They use this to knock Tong out, steal his wallet and car keys, and plant pig's blood on his car to make it look like Tong was killed by Rico Ramirez, an ex-con who has knifed three people in Natalie's neighborhood looking for these very diamonds. by | Jan 25, 2023 | when do pecan trees lose their leaves | congestion worse after sinus rinse | Jan 25, 2023 | when do pecan trees lose their leaves | congestion worse after sinus rinse Natalie Teeger: That's not the old saying. After Monk finds that prison librarian Sylvia Fairborn killed Kaspo, Dale reveals that Trudy was, contrary to Monk's belief, the intended victim of the car bomb. The end credits to the first episode aired after Kamel's death, "Mr. Monk Buys a House," begin with a dedication to Kamel's memory. Benjy reassures her that he can handle it. Stay up-to-date on all the latest Rotten Tomatoes news! She has a sister. Dale reveals (in "Mr. Monk Goes to Jail") that the car bomb was actually intended for her, not him. She met a voodoo priestess who predicted Mitch's death a few days before it actually happened. Captain Leland Francis Stottlemeyer, portrayed by Ted Levine, is a captain of the San Francisco Police Department (SFPD)'s homicide detail, and a longtime and long-suffering friend of main protagonist Adrian Monk from their days on the force together, where Stottlemeyer served as Monk's fourth partner and later as watch commander. The police show up, asking if Marci owns a dog named Otto, who apparently attacked and mauled to death Debbie Ringel, the wife of Marci's neighbor John Ringel. The following is a list of characters of Monk, an American comedy-drama detective mystery television series, created by Andy Breckman and starring Tony Shalhoub as the titular character, Adrian Monk. If it is a code, neither Monk nor Dalton can make sense of it. Monk shuts off Tennyson's morphine drip, watches his face contort in pain for a moment, then turns it back on, saying that Trudy would not have wanted him to suffer. In his first and second appearances, he weighs about 800 pounds (363 kilograms), and is unable to leave his bed. Karen Stottlemeyer . While reminiscing over the cases that they've worked, Sharona apologizes to Randy for the amount of teasing that she gave him; he, in turn, states that he "missed" it. He later appeared in the novel Mr. Monk Is Cleaned Out when Adrian briefly moves in after he gets evicted from his apartment. Tony Shalhoub. Thanks to the job opening caused by Randy's departure from the Homicide division, Devlin was reassigned to the Robbery-Homicide Division. Ambrose has left the house three times: the first two times are in "Mr. Monk and the Three Pies", the first being when his next-door neighbor Pat van Ranken sets the house on fire, and the second to visit Trudy's grave, and the third one mentioned above in "Mr. Monk Goes Home Again". Monk claims that Biederbeck owns "half the city" of San Francisco and has an option on the other half. Trying to become an actress during the season eight episode "Mr. Monk and the Critic", Julie's beautiful voice is the key to proving that theater critic John Hannigan snuck out and killed his girlfriend Callie Esterhaus during a theater performance. The novel Mr. Monk and the Blue Flu offers an explanation for the apparent contradiction between Randy's seeming ineptitude at solving cases and his continuing role as a ranked police officer: Stottlemeyer, in a covert meeting with Monk and Natalie, states that Randy in fact has a high clearance and conviction rate; the cases he solves are simply not high profile or unusual enough to be mentioned in the press (or covered in a Monk adventure). Troy later appears in the season six episode "Mr. Monk and the Buried Treasure". Kevin steals a pencil that the host had been chewing on, claiming it as a "collectible"; later in the episode, he and Monk find a pencil with identical chew marks at the reigning champion's house and conclude that he and the host have colluded to rig the game. Later, Vicki kills the accomplice by stabbing him with a cream soda bottle while he is making the store's night deposit. In the final season, Stottlemeyer meets and starts dating journalist Trudy Jensen who is normally called "T.K", beginning in the episode "Happy Birthday, Mr. Monk". Not much is known of Stottlemeyer's life before he joined the SFPD in the series, though in an interview, Ted Levine stated it was his own belief that Stottlemeyer had served in the military and was later discharged, lived on the East Coast, then moved to California as a young man, joining the police force. Tap "Sign me up" below to receive our weekly newsletter When he and Troy return to the quarry in question, a bulldozer driven by crooked bank manager Steven Connolly (who masterminded the robbery) buries them alive, and Monk and Troy nearly suffocate. Whereas Devlin wills herself to tolerate Fellows getting on their backs, Julie doubts that Fellows is even qualified for the job, believing that no deputy chief could be so thick-headed as to immediately suspect that Stottlemeyer is on the take despite all the evidence to the contrary without being very incompetent. Starring: Tony Shalhoub, Bitty Schram, Jason Gray-Stanford, Ted Levine Summary: Monk and Sharona are forced to go undercover as a married couple to help out Disher when his mother marries a suspected con man. Nunn hired Warrick Tennyson, an explosives expert, to build and plant the bomb, while Nunn detonated it with a cellular phone. Adrian harbors an intense hatred for Dale because of the pain he caused Trudy, saying that he stole a year of her life. Another running gag in the series is the ceremonial way in which he delivers news to Stottlemeyer, asking him to guess what it is or sit down for it; this method mostly annoys others who would like him to get to the point. Monk gets involved in the investigation following Dr. Nash's death and is able to uncover evidence at the crime scene linking back to Kazarinski. However, Stottlemeyer appreciates Disher's abilities and even harbors a degree of affection for him, especially in situations of personal peril. In "Mr. Monk and the Very Very Old Man", she gasps and is visibly uncomfortable when Randy tries distracting her by showing her his pistol. However, he does remember that the man had six fingers on his right hand. Monk telephones Biederbeck from Germany when he suspects that one of Dr. Kroger's colleagues, a psychiatrist with a six-fingered hand named Dr. Martin Rahner, is the man who killed Trudy. Julie Teeger (played by Emmy Clarke) is Natalie's teenage daughter. This is nearly revealed by playboy Dexter Larsen if Monk had persisted in his current homicide investigation. During the radio broadcast, Kevin calls in as a fan to compliment Hudson, but he actually called in just to support Monk. Mr. Monk Goes to a Wedding (2005) Full Cast & Crew See agents for this cast & crew on IMDbPro Directed by Anthony R. Palmieri Writing Credits Cast (in credits order) Produced by Music by Jeff Beal Cinematography by Marshall Adams . Monk foils Dale's plan, and John Rollins, the Angel County sheriff whom Dale recruited to frame Monk, turns state's evidence in the hopes of lightening his own sentence. Reasoning that they can't expose him without risking him doing something violent, Monk and Sharona are determined to comb through the journals and find the gold themselves. Eureka! Mr. Monk Goes to a Wedding is the seventh episode of the fourth season of Monk. Natalie is reluctant at first but then gives in. He visits Padron's store, where he learns that Padron's partner, Raymond Toliver, has recently gone missing. While he engages in routine talk therapy, he does not prescribe medication, since Monk reacts badly whenever he takes medicine. During the first few novels, Julie's role is minimal, but she occasionally, knowingly or not, gives Monk crucial information that is key to solving a murder case. Rickover realizes any information regarding these events could be potentially damaging to his political career and has Stroud killed to keep her quiet, burying her body in his backyard. When Natalie grabs biotechnician Sarah Longson's pistol to force her to surrender, she whirls around so quickly that she accidentally discharges a bullet into Monk's right leg. After the ride, Monk is about to feel relieved that Linda could not have done it.until they find a small hibiscus flower lodged in a bush outside the house, one that Monk remembers Linda wearing in her hair on the night of the shooting. Indeed, the next day, there is a major accident when a moving truck driving down Powell Street loses its brakes, careens down the hill into Union Square, and smashes into a MUNI bus and a cable car, leaving four people dead and dozens critically injured. When Monk and Sharona wander inside (Monk only goes into the cave so he can escape a staredown with a coyote), Dalton removes one of the bracing timbers, causing the entrance to cave in. Despite the fact that Monk is always shown to be annoyed by Kevin, he is seen crying after Kevin's murder, hinting at a possible friendship they had. Harold is married and has a son, Jimmy. Adrian does not know what this may mean until he mentions this to Dr. Bell. Finding this strange enough to warrant investigation, Monk and Sharona go undercover as a married couple at the retreat, and find out that Mrs. Disher's new husband is hiding a dark secret. The episode also establishes that their marriage is not necessarily stable, to such an extent that when Randy informs Leland that Karen wants to see him, Leland panics and has Randy keep her occupied while he gets his office reorganized (hanging a dreamcatcher from his lamp, hiding some of his personal junk, and installing a waterfall (that he fills with coffee). Deep down inside, Monk is more flattered and delighted about the convenience of having Marci around than he cares to admit, and once Natalie notices this, she temporarily forces him to accept Marci's offer. Adrian feels differently, believing his father will never return. To find the truth, Leland sends Monk and Natalie to follow Karen. His wife was become a perfect invalid; one child had the white-swelling and the rest were rickety. The first season of Monk originally aired in the United States on USA Network from July 12 to October 18, 2002, which consisted of 13 episodes. An NYPD police captain makes a deal with Monk and his party: if they can solve the recent murder of a foreign ambassador, he will arrange for them to visit Tennyson. Monk and Sharona have no choice but to keep searching for the gold. Adrian Monk is the only character to appear in all 125 episodes. However, this is a total of five "sorries" instead of six. She confides her troubles to Natalie, who, guilt-ridden, immediately catches the first flight home to San Francisco.
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