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Supplier of Laser Marking Machine in Kolkata

Supplier of Laser Marking Machine in Kolkata

Supplier of Laser Marking Machine in Kolkata:

Miracle Machineries:
Miracle Machineries specializes in manufacturing high-quality laser cutting and marking equipment with customized automation systems.
A prominent Manufacturer and Supplier of Laser Marking Machines based in Kolkata, India.

Laser Marking Process:

Laser marking is a non-contact and permanent process that utilizes laser technology to create marks, symbols, or patterns on various materials.
Methods include engraving, etching, annealing, foaming, and coloration.

Types of Lasers:

Different lasers like fiber lasers, CO2 lasers, and diode lasers are employed based on the material and desired outcome.

Versatility in Materials:

Laser marking machines can mark metals (steel, aluminum, brass), plastics, ceramics, glass, leather, wood, etc., with compatibility varying based on the laser source used.


Used across industries like automotive, aerospace, electronics, medical devices, packaging, jewelry, and consumer goods.
Applications include product identification, branding, serial numbering, date coding, and creating intricate designs.

Marking Precision:

Provides permanent and high-contrast markings with controlled depth, ensuring durability over time.
Exceptional precision and speed, suitable for applications requiring micron-level accuracy.

User-Friendly Software:

Equipped with user-friendly software for designing and controlling the marking process.
Allows customization of text, graphics, and other parameters for efficient marking.

Supply Locations in Kolkata:

Miracle Machineries Supplier of Laser Marking Machine in Kolkata, including Ahritola, Alambazar, Archana, Badartala, Baghajatin, Bamboovila, Chetla, Colootola, Dharmatala, Garfa, Gokhel Road, Jawpore, Jorasanko, Kasthadanga, Keoratala, Madrassa, Naktala, Noapara, Rajabagan, etc.

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