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3D Laser Marking Machine

3D Laser Marking Machines by Miracle Machineries offer a wide variety

The 3D Laser Marking Machine utilizes a mirror galvanometer to scan the laser beam and create markings on the surface of the product. By adjusting the focus lens, the laser beam can be controlled not only on the x and y axes but also on the z axis.


Standard Working Process



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Detailed Proposal

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Project Installation

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Final Inspection

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3D Software Extension

Moreover, an optional 3D Software Extension is available, which enhances the reproduction of intricate designs and engravings with precise detail. This extension is designed to manage STL files and enables the faithful 3D reproduction of solids, maintaining their true proportions. The supported file types for the 3D Laser Marking Machine include STL and 3D files.

3 Axis Auto-Movement

To facilitate efficient marking, the machine incorporates 3 Axis Auto-Movement functionality. This feature enables the management of axis positions through software, allowing for the sequential marking of multiple objects on the same tray, regardless of their varying shapes and sizes. By utilizing Cartesian coordinates, this module enables the programming of axis movements based on the objects’ positions, thereby increasing productivity through simultaneous marking.

  • The 3D laser marking machine excels in its ability to dynamically focus across three axes, with a range of 25-30 mm. This capability enables the real-time tracking of deep curves and is supported by an advanced 3D scanning galvanometer head and control system. Whether for large-format marking, deep engraving, or curved surface marking, this machine can cater to a diverse range of processing needs.
  • Furthermore, the focal length position of the laser marking machine can be precisely controlled, allowing for automatic adjustments along the Z-axis during the 3D deep marking process. This ensures minimal spot size and guarantees a uniform graphic effect after marking on the object.

Features Of 3D Laser Marking Machine

  • Hi-tech technology
  • Permanent, high quality marks
  • High efficiency and low operation cost
  • Good accessibility, even to irregular surface
  • Non-contact marking and no special working environmental needed
  • The minimized metallurgical and mechanical damage
  • Easy to automate and integrate (direct writing of patterns can established
  • Using computer-controlled movement of the beam or sample)
  • Precise beam positioning and a beam highly localized energy
  • Transfer to the work piece
  • High reproducible and high speed, effective
  • Minimal heat load
  • Contamination free

Technical Specifications of 3D Laser Marking Machine

Model2M F 3D – 50/100 Watts
Power20 W to 100 W
Wavelength1063 ±3 nm
Beam quality<1.2 (M2)
Output power adjustment range10 – 100 %
Pulse repetition rate20 – 400 KHz
Power stability<±1%
Focus spot diameter<0.05mm
Working area70 X 70/100 X100/150 X 150/200 X 200/300 X 300 mm
Max marking depth1.2mm
Max marking speed1500 standard characters / second
Minimum line width0.05mm
Minimum character0.5mm
Repetition accuracy±0.003 mm
Operation systemWindows XP /7/8/10
Cooling modeAir cooling
Ambient temperature15°C – 35° C
Power requirement220V/single phase/50Hz/<600W
Life of laser module100000 Hrs
Guide Laser/Red Aiming BeamYes 660 nm
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