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Jewellery Laser Soldering Machine

Jewellery Laser Soldering Machines by Miracle Machineries offer a wide variety

Designed specifically to meet the demands of intensive use, the jewellery laser welding machines from Miracle Machineries stand out from the competition with a host of impressive features. These include an external chiller, a spacious welding chamber, and a sheet structure that provides excellent flexibility, enabling users to perform a wide range of metal joining and repair applications with ease.


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Moreover, the machines feature a user-friendly touch screen HMI, which makes it easy for operators to navigate the system’s various functions quickly and efficiently. A microscope is also included, allowing users to view what is being welded inside the chamber with precision and accuracy. Additionally, the CC Vision webcam is available as an optional extra, providing an even more comprehensive solution for those who require it.

Thanks to our laser welding system’s well-known reputation for producing high-quality, efficient laser sources, our jewellery laser welding machines offer exceptional value for money. By using these machines, operators can benefit from pin-point accuracy and a wider range of assembly and repair applications. Additionally, the reduction in heat damage means that the resulting welds are more durable and reliable, providing a long-lasting solution for customers.

Features Of Jewellery Laser Soldering Machine

  • Adjustable energy, pulse width frequency, and light spot size for different welding effects
  • Simple and highly efficient parameter adjustment with a lever in the sealed cavity
  • Ceramic converging cavity imported from Britain is corrosion-resistant and has a service life of 8-10 years
  • Advanced light shielding system eliminates eye irritation during operation
  • Stable performance for round-the-clock operation with maintenance-free operation for 10,000 hours
  • Ergonomics-based design avoids user fatigue even after extended periods of use
  • Widely used in various industries, including aviation, aerospace, sports products, and more
  • Specifically designed for perforating gold and silver jewellery, spot welding, repairing, inlay, and welding of claw

Technical Specifications of Jewellery Laser Soldering Machine

Model2M – 200 W
Max.output power150 / 200 W
Max.pulse energy100 / 120 J
Peak power6 / 7 KW
Pulse duration0.1 – 20 ms
Pulse frequency1-100 Hz
Pulse duration0.1-20 ms
Welding depth0.1-4.0 mm
Focal diameter0.1-2.0 mm
Vision systemStereo microscope 10X
Power supplyAC 220 V / ± 10% / 50 Hz
Net weight150 kg
control systemMicrochip CPU
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