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Top Supplier of Laser Marking Machine in Kolkata

Top Supplier of Laser Marking Machine in Kolkata

Top Supplier of Laser Marking Machine in Kolkata:

Miracle Machineries:

Miracle Machineries is a Manufacturer, Exporter, and Supplier of Laser Marking Machine in Kolkata, West Bengal, India

The company prioritizes quality in manufacturing, exporting, and supplying Laser Marking Machines for engraving applications across diverse industries.

Laser Marking Machines are crafted with premium components and advanced technology under skilled supervision, offering efficiency and reliability. They come in various technical specifications, requiring low maintenance and easy installation.

Clients benefit from clear and readable markings, energy efficiency, easy portability, and advanced features such as adjustable focal length and high-speed marking capabilities.

The machines offer long-term cost savings due to their efficiency, low power consumption, and suitability for various applications.


Compact design for space efficiency.
Ensures clear and readable markings on products.
Recognized by clients for superior performance and energy efficiency.
Portable parts allow flexibility according to processing demands.
Equipped with focal length adjustable preventive and covering.
High-quality laser path suitable for delicate marking.
Advanced pulse repeating rate and steady power for high-speed marking.
Easy control of laser thickness, dot size, and shape.
Significantly faster (2-3 times) than traditional diode-pumped marking machines.
Air-cooled design for smart machine size.
Long lifetime with efficiency conversion reaching over 30%.
Ultra-low power consumption of 0.5 kW.
Suitable for various fiber laser generators, ensuring cost-effectiveness.


These Laser Marking Machines are widely used for engraving works across industries due to their reliability, precision, and efficiency.

We Provide Top Supplier of Laser Marking Machine in Kolkata and surrounding areas, including Ahritola, Alambazar, Archana, Badartala, Baghajatin, Bamboovila, Chetla, Colootola, Dharmatala, Garfa, Gokhel Road, Jawpore, Jorasanko, Kasthadanga, Keoratala, Madrassa, Naktala, Noapara, Rajabagan, and more.

For detailed information and inquiries, please feel free to contact us.

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